Let Me Tell You (That I Love You)

When I first saw you years ago,
     Little did I know,
That someday you'd be my wife
     and you'd end up sharing my life,
I looked long and hard for someone like you.


Let me tell you that I love you,
     And I always want you near.
I love making love to you,
     And I need you more than you can know, Dear

I appreciate all you do
     And you're a great wife too.
You take good care of me,
     I can't wait 'til Baby makes three.
You've made our house into a home.

I'm concerned about all you do,
     I only want the best for you.
A talented young woman you are,
     I think that you'll go far.
I look forward to growing old with you.

Pretty woman with a sexy smile,
     But a little girl all the while.
When you say, "I love you Pooh,"
     There's nothing I wouldn't do for you.
But I don't tell you this enough I know.


Mark Pardue - Vocals, Keyboards, Tympani