(selected excerpts)

Internationally-recognized researcher in the area of AI, with numerous published papers in the area.

While a faculty member at Old Dominion University, studied characteristics of overtraining in Artificial Neural Networks.  This concept recognizes that there is an optimum amout of training for these networks, after which more training results in no additional recognition capability, or in many cases reduced recognition capability.

Supervised research in applying an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to real-time communications resource allocation.  This ANN replaced an existing rule-based system.

Developed an expert system based on the MYCIN methodology to provide for real-time fault detection in a factory environment. Developed another expert system, which was rule-based, to provide for correction of these faults.

Developed a knowledge-based expert system currently in use by emergency civilian and military planners. The system identifies requirements for disaster response teams, and particular supply and equipment items that may be needed based upon type of disaster or humanitarian assistance mission.