(selected excerpts)

Implemented an Internet e-commerce web site for a commercial customer that provides for secure payment, customer data collection, and service delivery. P3P is implemented to provide details of the site's data collection and privacy policy.

Implemented an EDI system for a large commercial wholesaler.  The system provided purchase order, turnaround, and invoice capability for the EDI-capable customers of the wholesaler, including Target stores, Home Quarters (HQ), and Eddie Bauer catalogs.

Established and managed the Computer-Integrated Manufacturing/Management program at Old Dominion University (ODU). This inter-departmental program in the College of Engineering and Technology deals with the use of information and technology to increase productivity in industry and government in business and manufacturing areas. One of the key areas addressed was EDI, including the standards, technology, and benefits of implementation.

While at ODU, developed and taught industrial workshops in EDI.