(selected excerpts)

Developed MIS for a new consulting company.  The MIS tracks contract expenditures, customer billing, receivables, income from all sources, expenses, and tax liabilities for both state and federal taxes.  It provides income statements and balance sheets, and graphs are automatically generated comparing projections versus actual expenditures, overhead versus direct charges, and trends for all account categories.

Developed MIS for new Virginia Beach office of MATCOM2.  This MIS tracked all contract expenditures, including all employee hours charged by labor category, travel, and materials.   Monthly reports were automatically generated for all contract tasks, and included graphs showing current status of expenditures versus allocations.

Developed complete double-entry accounting system and management support system for a large commercial company.  The Daily Activity module of the system provides customer work orders, invoices, and daily activity reports of income by category, payments, and payouts for parts and subcontractor labor.  The Accounting module of the system provides for all checkbook transactions (including balancing), payroll, and the filing of all required weekly, monthly, and quarterly state and federal reports. The Management module of the system provides income statements, graphs providing clear analysis of monthly activities, and monthly and yearly trends.