(selected excerpts)

Provided software test support to DARPA in the testing of integrated toolsets to be used over the Internet/Intranets. Test support included developing all required test plans and documentation in accordance with published government DII/COE specifications, performing the actual testing, and publishing and presenting the test results.

Provided support to the U.S. Army Operational Test and Evaluation Agency (OTEA) for the limited operational test of the Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS). Based upon the test concept of the JTIDS test, provided a survey of available models/simulations applicable to representing the planned test, identifying limitations of each with an outline of modifications and level of effort required to modify each of the models/simulations recommended. Upon OTEA's selection of models from the recommended list, prepared detailed recommendations on models with focus on how the environment of the test site was to be treated in the models and how the formulation of model inputs were derivable from the measurements planned in the test.

Also in support of OTEA, worked with a subcontractor to develop and prepare measures of effectiveness to support OTEA's operational evaluation of the Maneuver Control System (MCS). This required a thorough review of MCS issues and criteria in order to develop the MOEs required to satisfy decisionmaker issues. The evaluation methodology was applied to the operational evaluations of manual C2 support systems and MCS, with analysis of performance data collected in field evaluations, and the preparation of performance assessment reports based on the analyses of operational data.

Developed an acceptance test plan and assisted in the conduct of the acceptance test of the automated Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control Systems (JINTACCS) message preparation aid for the U.S. Army Center for System Engineering and Integration (CENSEI). The acceptance test involved complete testing of all hardware and software.

Documented the calculations of the Quantitative Performance Measures (PMs) used in the JINTACCS analysis and evaluation plan for the intelligence Operational Effectiveness Demonstration (OED). The data elements used for the calculations of the PMs were documented along with the sources of these data elements. Played a major role in the publishing of the data collector handbooks for the OED. Performed analyses of both qualitative and quantitative data obtained from the OED. These analyses included statistical tests which he developed to determine if there were significant differences between qualitative responses obtained from different groups of participants.

Supervised on-board operational testing of Nuclear Propulsion Plant equipment aboard U.S. naval nuclear submarines while at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Designed test facilities and developed test procedures to test many different types of propulsion plant equipment, supervised the actual testing, and evaluated the resulting test data.

As a research assistant at NASA-Langley Research Center, participated in a project to simulate, test, and evaluate several different control systems designed to stabilize sling-loads carried by helicopters. Helped develop the test parameters and methods of measurement which were used to evaluate the effectiveness of these control systems. Directly supervised the real-time computer testing using a flight simulator and the dynamic computer testing used to evaluate one of the control systems.