(selected excerpts)

Developed, implemented, and continue to maintain an Internet On-line training course to meet government licensing requirements. Course includes material, interactive cases and review questions, and a graded course completion test.

Have developed and continue to teach graduate and undergraduate courses for both Old Dominion University and Florida Institute of Technology in Information Systems, Modeling and Simulation, Data Communications and Networking, Computer Systems Architecture and Design, and other Information Technology courses. Also developed and taught industrial workshops in such computer integration applications as Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistics Support (CALS). Is consistently one of the top-rated instructors in the department, and has been continually evaluated by students, faculty, and administration as a very versatile and effective teacher.

While at BDM, developed a 3-day local area network (LAN) course to be given to U.S. Air Force personnel. The course was designed to present LAN technology and applications and to detail LAN design.

Developed and taught an instructional package on the ISO OSI model and, in particular, Layer V (Session Layer) within the model. The OSI model and the Layer V protocols and services were presented in detail.

Was an instructor in the Data Collector Training Program taught in support of the JINTACCS Intelligence Operational Effectiveness Demonstration. In this capacity, taught key data collector personnel from the four military services and also developed and updated several of the lesson plans in the program.

While at ODU, conducted workshops on goal setting, leadership, implementation of programs, and other topics.