"Sweet Mom"



One afternoon in 1977 as I was fooling around playing the old piano in my parent's living room, I started playing the arpeggio that became the first part of this song. It gave me such a relaxing feeling that I just naturally went to the next part, and so on, until this short song was done. I'm not sure why it reminds me of my mother, except that the relaxing feeling I get when I play it or hear it is similar to that safe, relaxed feeling that we all get when we hug our mother.



Nothing but piano - Alan started the recorder, I played to the end of the song, and Alan stopped the recorder.


Behind the Scenes

This was recorded right after "Barbara's Song", and the miking Alan did for that song stayed in place. The only difference for this song was that we added some digital flanging to get the kind of 'spacey' sound effect you hear.