This was the second song I recorded for my first album, and was the B side of the first 45 I released. The idea for this song came out of every teenager's problem with finding the right cards for his girlfriend on special occasions. I originally had a line in the song that was 'None of them said how your blue eyes sparkle', but the girl I was dating at the time had green eyes. Naturally I had to change that line (and I continually have to apologize to my brown-eyed wife when she hears the song).



On the 45 this song had only a lead vocal with no harmonies, and since I'm not a very strong lead singer it was a little embarrassing. For the album, I layered 7 more vocals on top of the lead vocal line for a richer effect.


Behind the Scenes

The cannon shots in the background of this song are really fairly wimpy sounding tom-tom drum shots that I added heavy special effects to for a deeper, reverberating sound.